Seattle to Spokane

It’s weird starting a new chapter in life, but it’s exciting and scary too. This was from my trip halfway to Montana, stopping in Spokane for the night. Make sure to check out the vlog too.

Comments (10)

Comments (10)

  1. Hey Andrew,

    I’m Mada all the way from Oman (bet you havent heard of it)
    I have been watching your vlogs for about 3 months now and since then my photography improved so much!!
    I love your post-processing and the moods in the pictures just makes you visualize those still images into stories.
    Big fan!! God bless you and I really look forward to meet you some day 🙂
    Peace x

  2. Oh and also, ( If you haven’t already ) should make a little video about the equipment you use for different types of shots man. That would be sick.
    All the way from New Zealand by the way.

  3. Andrew, you should really add an Achieve data best to your blog post somewhere. I know you can have the option to create one with a squarespace website. So it can be more easy and fast to search through your old post to read them. Because scrolling down its getting a bit crazy to see a specific post. I really will appreciate.

  4. Hey Andrew! Love your work, and your vlogs give me such inspiration to do better in life and work harder. If youre ever thinking of an overseas tour again, might not be much to hear about.. but you SHOULD visit India! Hope that happens sometime soon. Good luck!