Hot Springs & Camping with Friends

Tina and I woke up up a forest service road, and then headed to the nearby hot spring. We hung out there for a while then headed south to I90 where we met a group of friends to go camping. A mighty fine day I’d day.

Check out the Vlog from the day:

Comments (7)

Comments (7)

  1. I really do enjoy the blog post I always come back to your site after I finish watching the vlogs on YouTube. Just because I want to see and enjoy more of the photographs I know you took from that day. they are amazing it’s so nice the moody vibe edits you do to the photographs …

  2. Okay, you seriously inspire me wth! I’m following your instagram, subscribed to your channel and now I’ve found this! I love your photos and its killing me that I can’t seem to get that similar feel while editing mine haha
    Anyways, I love your stuff, gonna keep watching your videos and keep up with everything else