Iceland Day 9 & 10

I decided to combine these two days, as I lost quite a bit of Day 9’s photos to make one post of them. But the final two days in Iceland were filled with joy and sadness, as we were about to be done with the greatest trip of our lives. We drove around deep on some roads we randomly found, and ending the day driving with some friends (check the vlog, lost the photos). The final day was spent returning to out favorite area of Iceland, Southeast. We drove a new road there and ended up at the foot of a glacier, then went back around and ending our final day camping on the beach.

The best trip of our lives had come to a close. We were filled with joy and nostalgia as we talked and reflected on the entire journey. We are hoping to return here one day and spend much longer than just 10 days.

Check out the Write-Up I did with Land Rover about our Defender Journey Here

Check out the Final Vlog too:

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Comments (1)