iPhone 7+ Test – Harsh Light, Low Light, Portrait Mode

Took the iPhone7+ for a spin in hope of getting some good content to show what it can do. Instead very bright, harsh light joined my hike with Morgan, then Joelle and I ran a bit late getting a bit too low light. Still a chance to push the camera to it’s limits, I was surprised.

Check the vlog from the day for BTS of the shoot:

Comments (2)

Comments (2)

  1. Seriously? These photos do not look like they were taken by using a phone AT ALL. Kudos, Andrew. All the way from across the globe (Malaysia).

  2. This is a great low light and crappy light test for IP7P and it held up very well indeed. The photos do have a very organic feel to them. What software/plugin did you use for post processing/color grading these?